Algerians mark May Day amid tight security

Following on the success of the students march in April, members of the “Unemployed Rights Defense Committee” gathered at Civil Harmony Square in the Alegrian capital, to proclaim the rights of thousands of unemployed youth.

As demonstrations are still restricted in the capital, the members were soon encircled by police forces that were already in place a day ago, to stop them from moving ahead in their protest.

The police are besieging every strategic place in the capital to disperse any upcoming protest.

They have, meanwhile, arrested 3 of the members for having distributed brochures calling for a general protest nationwide,

Many experts have echoed the calls of the protesters saying their demands are within the constitution.

The protesters showed strong nerves as many refused to leave the square calling on the government meet their 3 major demands; Decent work for the unemployed, 50% of the minimum guaranteed wage, and life term jobs for employees.


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