Demonstrations reach rural areas (Uganda)

Violent demonstrations have rocked up people in rural areas bringing the business there to a standstill and scores of demonstrators injured and others arrested.
In Wobulenzi town, the angry protesters placed barricades along the Kampala-Gulu high way, blocking the road.

The police and Military then fired bullets into crowds of people in order to disperse them. In the process many people have been hit by the stray bullets.

In Mbale, business came to a standstill with people abandoning markets, shops and other businesses premises as the Anti riot police battled protestors.

The protestors were seen burning tires along some roads and placed barricades along the Mbale-Kumi road and Kampala-Tiriinyi road.

People were then forced to abandon Mbale town as most of them retreated to their homes and out of town.

Police and Military personnel remain heavily deployed in the town and nearby suburbs.

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