Oil workers to lift Santa Cruz strike only if union leader resigns

The head oil worker Luis Cárdenas stated today the  strike affecting the production of crude oil in Santa Cruz will only be lifted if the Private Petrol Trade Union’s secretary Héctor Segovia, steps down.

Cárdenas also admitted that the conflict, which has lasted for 20 days, began due to internal union conflict. Segovia remains on one side of the argument, and on the other his secretary, Rubén Retamoso, who wants to replace him.

“This all started with a general agreement and percentage of wage increase, which was granted, but today things have changed,” Cárdenas said in a radio interview.

Yesterday, about 5,000 workers from across the whole province met for a special assembly, in which they rejected the current leadership of the union.

Petrol companies responded, communicating the drop in crude oil production’s negative affects. They underlined that there soon could be a shortage in fuel supplies at stations

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