Villagers March on Etchmiadzin in Utility Bill Protest

Around 100 residents of the Gai village in Armavir are protesting their alleged electricity bills by marching to the square in Etchmiadzin. They say they have paid their bills on time and show the receipts as proof.
The irate Gai residents say that the utility, Armenia’s Electrical Network, is claiming that they must pay bills dating to 2002. The total bill is said to amount to some 40 million AMD.

The Network’s Mousa Ler Branch Manager joined up with the marchers on the road and urged them not to advance towards Etchmiadzin. He said the problem would be resolved.

Unmoved by the utility representative’s explanations, the Gai villagers continued down the road. The local utility manager left the scene.

An incident was reported earlier when police tried to prevent the villagers from marching towards Etchmiadzin. Cops were reported to have attempted to shove several on the villagers into police cars in a show of force. Other villagers prevented the police from doing so.

The villagers then called Heritage Party MP Anahit Bashkhyan by telephone.

When the MP and this reporter made it to Gai, the police left.

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