Bahrain University sacks 200 students, staff

The University of Bahrain has dismissed 200 students, academics and other employees for incidents connected to the recent unrest, an official said on Tuesday.

Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, the university’s president, announced the dismissals, which also includes administrative staff and security guards.

He told state news agency BNA that the damage caused by “regretful incidents” at the university on March 13 totalled BD350,000 ($928,000)

Speaking during Tuesday’s session of the Representatives Council, Janahi said about 120 students had been sacked, with another 10 acquitted while another 65 students refused to be questioned.

He added that plans had been put together for security, administrative and academic measures prior to the resumption of studies.

Janahi also said that stringent measures would be taken against those found guilty.

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