Ndola Stadium workers strike

OVER 50 workers at the Ndola Stadium, which is currently under construction yesterday downed tools to press for better conditions of service.

A check at the stadium found a heavy police presence in riot gear and workers standing outside the stadium premises.

One worker complained that the workers were given K1500 per day and demanded to be paid K5000 per day.

“We don’t know what will become of us. This stadium is finishing in two months time, so who is going to pay our benefits? Is it the Chinese or the Zambian government?” he wondered

The worker complained of being mistreated by the Chinese and said many Zambian workers were being fired everyday.

He said the Chinese did not like them and said they were doing Zambians a favour by building a stadium for them and should pay homage to them. “We are not ready to go back for work until we get answers from government and the same government should tell their Chinese friends to improve our conditions of services,” he said.

Reporters could not get a comment from the Chinese management as they were blocked from entering the premises.


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