Kyambogo University students protest recess fee

Police yesterday engaged in running battles with Kyambogo University students protesting an increase in recess fee by the administration. The fee has been raised from Shs100,000 to 170,000 through a circular that was presented to the students last week and pinned on the university notice board.

The protests turned chaotic when police intervened and fired teargas at the students. This is the second riot in a fortnight that the students have engaged in a few weeks before they start exams. According to the students, they have been engaged in mini protests since last week but the school administration had not taken them seriously.

The circulars that imposed the Shs170,000 were reportedly only circulated to Social Science and Social Works and Administration students. “We want to know what is happening in the administration. Last week we protested and advised the university council to revise the recess fee but nothing was done,” said Kennedy Oluma, a former student guild officer, now in his third year.

According to the university public relations officer, Mr Lawrence Madete, the figures were an error. “This is not the first time the issue is coming up, the circular was poorly written but it will be amended,” Mr Madete said.

However, the office of the University Secretary yesterday issued another circular to the students saying they would look into the matter on Thursday when the university council sits. A number of students were arrested and by yesterday evening their fate had not yet been determined. Recess fee is money paid to the university to pay lecturers for extra school activity.

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