Inmates start fire after imprisoned inside shipping container

An inmate brought to Male’ for medical treatment started a fire inside a shipping container in Male’ Prison where he was temporarily kept.

State Home Minister Ahmed Adhil said the inmate was kept inside a container made to keep prisoners.

”He set fire to the pillows,” said Adhil. ”It’s nothing too serious, the media is reporting it as if it is very serious. We are investigating the incident and then we will know what actually happened,” he added.

He noted that prisoners were allowed to smoke and therefore had access to fire.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam also confirmed that a fire occurred inside Male’ prison.

”Police were informed that a fire incident occurred inside the prison,” Shiyam said. ”We are currently investigating the incident, so far it does not seem like it is a very serious issue.”

Journalists present outside Male’ jail while the incident occurred reported that riot police were seen entering the Male’ prison and that inmates were heard shouting that they were being tortured.

A while later some prisoners were brought out and transferred to a boat by prison officers.

A Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) fire vehicle was seen entering the prison, but no smoke was observed.

Persons familiar with the matter claimed that inmates were furious that they had to stay inside the metal container and were desperate to get out.

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