Yarmouk Students Protest ‘Security Grip,’ High Tuition

AMMONNEWS – Dozens of students at Yarmouk University demonstrated on Sunday inside the university campus calling for reducing tuition and lifting the “security grip” on campus.

The students considered that the “tight security grip” on campus affairs restricts students’ freedoms.

Students denounced the university’s consideration to raise tuition, noting that the high fees are already “unbearable,” which would lead to further unequal opportunities available between the poor and rich classes, according to their expression.

The demonstrators also touched on the political climate in Jordan, stressing the importance of “national unity” as they marched throughout the university campus, located in Irbid, northern Jordan.

They also called for trials of any university officials suspected of corruption and involvement in “squandering university funds.”

Regarding their rejection of interference by security forces, the students called for accelerating the implementation of King Abdullah’s directives to close security offices inside campuses, and lifting the security grip off intervention in student affairs.

They stressed the need to reform regulatory university system to ensure students’ rights to freedom of expression and accelerating the endorsement of a Student Union law.


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