Workers at Japanese furniture factory in Vietnam strike for 2nd day

Hanoi – Thousands of workers were on strike for a second day Friday at a Japanese-owned furniture company outside Hanoi, authorities said.

Workers at Marumitsu Vietnam have been on strike since Thursday, local police chief Nguyen Van Tho said. They were demanding better wages and working conditions.

Many were throwing eggs and bricks at security guards outside the factory, he said.

‘We have asked the company and trade unions to settle the matter, but nothing has been resolved because the company has not met workers’ demands,’ he said. ‘The case is becoming complicated.’

Local media reported that 2,000 workers went on strike at the factory, complaining of low wages and harmful working conditions.

A report in the Lao Dong newspaper said many workers claimed to have lost consciousness in the workshop because it was too hot.

Employees at the company demanded the company install a fan system and promise workers holiday pay, the report said.

Workers said they would continue their strike until their demands were met. The company refused to comment.

Marumitsu specializes in wooden furniture and interior design.

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