National Strike in Honduras

Tegucigalpa – Teachers, students, trade unionists and members of the National Front of Popular Resistence in Honduras made a general strike Tuesday in protest of the high cost of living and government action against teachers.

The protesters took over several cities, while police tried to quell protests and get hundreds of students and teachers out of the streets.

Dozens of taxi drivers overwhelmed by the rise in fuel prices also joined the pacific demosntrations.

The national strike called by the National Front and labor unions, opposes the government’s decision of suspending 305 teachers who participated in the demonstrations of March.

According to a report of the Secretary of Labor, Honduras has the most expensive basic food basket of Central America, with a price of 332 USD per month, and 60 percent of the population in poverty.

Media reports indicate that demonstrations spread to several cities including San Pedro Sula and Danlí, northern and eastern Honduras, respectively.

There, also public workers stopped their work to protest the economic policies of President Porfirio Lobo.

This is the second national strike in Honduras in less than two weeks, but the increase of repression and violence has been the official response to popular demands.

According to media, the first general strike was suppressed by security forces with more than 50 detainees and dozens injured and poisoned by tear gas.

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