Somali government declares political meetings, demonstrations ‘illegal’

The Banaadir regional administration of the transitional federal government (TFG) of Somalia has declared meetings by political parties, independent politicians and civil society demonstrations in the capital to be “illegal.”

Abdikafi Hilowle Osman, the region’s secretary general, told reporters in Mogadishu on Wednesday that intelligence reports have confirmed that the increase in political meetings and demonstrations in the capital over the past three months are intended to disturb the security situation in the capital.

“There is a governmental administration here and we cannot allow the continuation of the evil and so-called political meetings and demonstrations by some agitators we know whose aim is only to create instability—I am telling them that such bad ambition will not be possible for them,” Osman said.

He warned the owners of the large hotels in Mogadishu not to allow what he described as “trouble makers” to hold meetings at their hotels. “Any hotel owner who turns a deaf ear to this call will be recognized as anarchist,“ he stressed.

“The civil society organizations based in the capital always organize and hold illegal demonstrations so we are also telling them to stop such behavior which may cause disorder and instability,” he said.

For the past several weeks there have been successive demonstrations in different parts of the capital that the Banaadir regional administration said may help terrorists hide in the mobs and carry out explosions.

In mid February, gunmen opened fire on demonstrators near the presidential palace in Mogadishu, killing at least four people and wounding more than 10 others.

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