Argentine oil workers strike causes fuel shortage across country

A strike by Argentine oil workers in the country’s southern Patagonia region is causing fuel shortages across the country, especially in the capital.

The protests for better salaries and working conditions have mainly affected companies working in San Jorge Gulf, which is home to 90 percent of Argentina’s oil production, according to local press.

Juan Ferreiro, president of the Energy Institute for the Santa Cruz province, told reporters “almost everything has stopped” because of the problems related to an “internal trade union issue.” He said the strike “totally affects the economy of the provinces.”

The strike could affect the collection of revenues worth some 800,000 U.S. dollars daily, he said, adding production had stopped because those on strike were involved in the decantation process, in which oil is separated from water. Their absence meant the rest of the staff could not continue operations for safety reasons.

The strike began 11 days ago and Santa Cruz had so far lost about 10 million dollars in oil revenues, Ferreiro said.

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