German state bans neo-Nazi group

German police in the state surrounding Berlin staged dawn raids Monday against members of a neo-Nazi group after the organisation was banned, authorities said.

The interior ministry of the vast rural state of Brandenburg said it had outlawed the right-wing extremist Freie Kraefte (Free Forces) Teltow-Flaeming — the sixth far-right group it has banned since 1995.

“To enforce the ban, raids have been ongoing since the early morning hours today as part of a major search and confiscation operation by the police,” the ministry said in a statement.

The state said Freie Kraefte Teltow-Flaeming had been active since 2006 and had about 50 members last year.

On its website the group calls for a “revolutionary national socialism”, in a reference to the Nazis’ declared ideology, and its members regularly seek out confrontations with political opponents, authorities said.

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