Fight Between Officers and Students Erupts at Riverside School

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KTLA) — At least twelve people, including a police officer, were involved in a major fight at a school in Riverside Friday afternoon.

The disturbance was reported during the lunch hour at Arlington Continuation School.

A Riverside police officer assigned to the school was escorting a disruptive student to the principal’s office when the student became combative.

“Some officers and students got into a fight,” said Lt. Guy Toussaint of the Riverside Police Department.

Investigators said the student punched the officer in the face.

Dozens of CHP officers and Riverside police officers responded to the scene within minutes. Students fled their classrooms and began to riot.

“The officers formed a skirmish line,” Toussaint said, “and were using the batons in a jabbing motion to keep the students away from the officer that was actively engaged in the fight.”

One student said her friend was hit in the back of the head by officers.

The school was placed on temporary lockdown as nearly a dozen students were arrested. Two students were transported to a local hospital for treatment.

One officer was also transported to a local hospital for his injuries.,0,589185.story

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