81 charged over Sohar unrest

MUSCAT — The Public Prosecution Department charged 81 people with involvement in the violent Sohar incidents out of whom 36 have been released.

The rest of them are being kept in detention for further investigations and will be freed subject to the findings of ongoing investigations.

In a statement here, the Public Prosecution said the 36 people were released after taking a written undertaking from them that they would not repeat such actions.

Four days ago, the Public Prosecution released 57 people out of those arrested for criminal incidents, including arson, rioting and damaging property in Sohar.

In the April 1 incident, security forces had to retaliate by using batons, tear gas and fire in the air against demonstrations in Sohar, which had turned violent during a march demanding the release of protestors who arrested on March 29 in a clean-up operation.


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