Suez Canal workers continue to strike

Approximatly 7000 workers at the Suez Canal Authority are holding a strike and refuse to work until their demands are met.

The striking workers are employed by six companies affiliated to the Authority in Suez, Ismalia and Port Said. The workers began their protest on 3 April and escalated it to a strike yesterday which continued on to today.

They are demanding parity with their colleagues in the Suez Canal Authority. They also demand that the authority disregard Article 48 of the Labour Code, which they believe does not give them their full rights.

Two passenger ships, the Queen and Wadi El Nil, which had docked in the Suez Maritime Arsenal – one of the companies on strike which specializes in maintenance – are ready to be returned to water but the company workers responsible for releasing the ship refuse to do so.

Workers are expected to meet with Ahmed El Borie, Minister of Manpower and Labor, today. They say if their demands are not met in the next few days they will begin a hunger strike.

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