Police clash with youths in Khartoum demo: AFP

KHARTOUM — Sudanese police and pro-government students clashed with hundreds of youth activists in Khartoum on Monday, beating them with sticks and wounding several, an AFP correspondent reported.

Supporters of the Facebook group Youth for Change gathered at the main campus of Khartoum university, before taking to the streets for a peaceful anti-regime protest, where they numbered around 300, the correspondent said.

They were then confronted by students loyal to Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party and by police, who attacked them with sticks, wounding at least two of the protesters.

“We are demonstrating against corruption and high prices. We want to change the government,” one of the activists told AFP by phone, on condition of anonymity.

A large security deployment surrounded the university, where all the students were told to leave.

Also on Monday, some 200 graduates marched in El-Fula, a town in South Kordofan state, around 700 kilometres southwest of Khartoum, demanding jobs, a witness said.

The protesters walked to the town commissioner’s office, where they stood holding banners that read: “We are looking for work”, and “We don’t want empty promises”.


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