Bahraini union against mass dismissal of strike workers

Bahrain’s main trade union body on Monday expressed concern over the mass dismissal of workers who participated in the general strike to excerise their rights to freedom of expression.

The General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) roughly estimated that over 250 staff of leading companies, such as Alba, Bapco, APM terminal, Batelco and other private enterprises, have been sacked in the past few days.

“Our decision to go on strike was not at all political, but in the interest of the workers. We explained our stance that workers were scared to go to work, fearing harassment at check points. Once we were assured by high ranking government officials about the safety of workers, the strike was called off,” said the union secretary-general Salman Mahfoodh.

He told Xinhua that Bahraini workers were sacked in huge numbers for participating in the nationwide strike called by the GFBTU firstly on February 20 and then from March 13 to 22. Unionists called for the strike in solidarity with the anti- government protestors.

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