New official toll puts Egyptian uprising deaths at over 800

Cairo – Egypt’s Health Ministry said Monday that over 800 people were killed in the uprising against former president Hosny Mubarak – more than double the previous estimate of 384.

According to the ministry another 6,400 had been injured in the unrest during clashes between anti-government protesters and Mubarak’s loyalists and state security forces.

The revised number death toll includes reports from both public and private hospitals, according to the ministry, but the number is still at variance with some other estimates.

According to the al-Masry al-Youm website, rights groups have said that 1500 people were killed between 25 January, when the first major protests began, and 11 February, the day Mubarak stepped down.

Egyptian police initially used live ammunition on protesters, as well as rubber bullets shot at close range during the first four days of protests before the army was called in to replace state security on the streets.

Additionally, videos emerged online of security forces running people over with armoured vehicles and firing tear gas canisters at close range into crowds on Friday, January 28, which marked the deadliest day of clashes.

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