Iraqis protest Bahrain crackdown

Hundreds of Iraqis have taken to the streets in a show of solidarity with Bahraini anti-government protesters, as the Manama government continues its brutal crackdown.

Demonstrators in Baghdad waved Bahraini flags from buildings and car antennas on Saturday. They protested the presence of troops from Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries in Bahrain, AP reported.

The Iraqi government has denounced the crackdown and called on the United States to do more to pressure the Bahraini government into stopping the violence.

“We demand the withdrawal of foreign troops, which entered Bahrain under the pretext of protecting Bahrain from external threat, and we call on those who have committed crimes against the people of Bahrain to be held accountable,” Iraqi lawmaker Ahmed al-Chalabi said at a news conference in Baghdad.

Other Iraqi lawmakers have also condemned the international media for remaining silent on the atrocities committed by the Al Khalifa family. “Peoples in all countries have the right to … ask for change,” said lawmaker Aliya Nusayif.

“There are massacres being committed on the Bahraini land while the international community is paying no attention to it and directing their concern to Libya only,” she added.

Bahrain has been the scene of nationwide anti-government protests since February 14.

Opposition groups say dozens of people have gone missing, at least 25 have been killed and around 1,000 have been wounded. It has also been reported that at least 250 Bahrainis have been detained.

Demonstrators demand a new constitution that would limit the king’s powers. They are also calling for Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa to step down.


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