Italian officer injured in parcel bomb explosion


ROME – An Italian military officer was injured on Thursday afternoon when a parcel-bomb exploded in an army barracks in the Tuscan port of Livorno, the Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

“The military officer was in his office when he opened a parcel which exploded and injured his face and hands. He was immediately given first aid and taken to hospital,” the statement said.

“Police are investigating at the scene,” it added.

Italian media named the victim as Lieutenant Colonel Alessandro Albamonte, 40, and said he had lost three fingers and suffered severe eye damage.

ANSA reported that Italian intelligence services were drawing a parallel between the attack and similar bombings in Greece and Switzerland the same day, blaming the violence on anarchists.

A letter bomb exploded at the offices of the Swiss nuclear energy association Swissnuclear in the northern town of Olten, injuring two people, police said. Both victims suffered superficial wounds.

Police in Greece said they had made safe a letter bomb found outside one of the country’s top security prisons where a number of far-left extremists are incarcerated.

“The makeshift explosive device had been placed inside a bubble envelope,” the police said in a statement after the bomb was neutralised by controlled explosion at Korydallos prison near Athens.

“The envelope carried Italian stamps,” the statement said, adding that the it was addressed to the prison warden while the alleged sender was the European rapid response force Eurofor in Florence.

The Italian intelligence services cited by ANSA said there were constant contacts between Italian, Greek and Swiss anarchists.

They suggested that the attacks might be the work of the Informal Anarachist Federation (FAI) which was behind the sending of booby-trapped parcels to the Swiss, Chilean and Greek embassies in Rome at Christmas.


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