Czech court permits extremist party marches through Krupka

The Workers’ Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti – DSSS) will be able to march through the North Bohemian town of Krupka on the first Saturday in April. The Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem issued the decision yesterday.

“The Regional Court lifted the town of Krupka’s ban because it was not properly justified,” court spokesperson Iva Jeřábková told news server Town officials justified their ban of the marches, which were announced for every Saturday in April, by saying they would complicate transportation and supplies to grocery stores, which the court said was not a sufficient reason.

The leaders of the Krupka town hall disagree with the verdict. “We believe we were justified in banning the march and that our ban was in accordance with the law. Nevertheless, we have no choice but to respect the court’s decision,” town hall secretary František Růžička told the daily Právo. Růžička noted that similar marches through the town in the past incurred problems. “We had to take traffic and other measures, such as clearing away trash cans so no one could use them as barricades,” the secretary said. “We have no choice but to respect the court’s decision and prepare the citizens for possible unrest,” Růžička said.

Ilona Novotná, spokesperson for the police in Teplice, told the Czech Press Agency they were aware of the planned DSSS actions. She said police were taking measures to ensure order in Krupka.

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