UKZN campus shut down

Scores of police officers in riot gear have laid siege to the main residence at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Westville campus.

The campus has been shut down after violent protests this morning, but sporadic clashes between students and officers have continued inside.

Students say the unrest is over the financial exclusion of more than 3 000 of their peers.

They have hurled rocks at police and campus vehicles, and set fire to fridges and tyres on a road leading to the main residence.

Police have laid siege to the residence, firing rubber bullets at students who are watching the drama unfold from their windows.

A virtual army of cops in riot gear is maintaining a presence on campus for the time being.

Eight students were arrested as reporters watched, but many more were taken in earlier in the day.

Campus officials say scores of students have been injured by rubber bullets and from getting caught up in stampedes.

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