GM might fire 250 agitated workers at Halol unit

GM is in a soup after 250 workers at their manufacturing unit in Halol near Ahemedabad went on strike early this month. These workers have stopped working since 16th March, because of excessive work load. Nikhill Mehta, GS, Worker’s Unioin, stated, “Workers cannot earn their wages at the cost of their lives – they are popping pain-killers owing to workload.”

The workers initiated the strike blaming the company for not increasing their salaries, and increasing production without their consent. GM increased daily production from 176 to 208 units without increasing workers pay causing severe discomfort to workers.

General Motors management has retaliated to the strike by giving the workers a deadline until 25 March, 2011 to start work. GM Vice-President P.Balendran explained the company’s plans of legally eliminating bonds with the workers causing strike.

The strike at Halol has caused the company a loss of 850 vehicles till date. GM is losing 30 vehicles every shift as they are manufacturing only 70 units per shift against their usual 100. General Motors will now hire a temporary workforce for helping them compensate for the workers who are refusing to work.

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