Sun Pharma workers goes on strike

Around 900 workers of Sun Pharma Company located near Seti Pool went on strike on 26th March protesting against the management of the company and demanding compensation to one of the staff who was injured while performing his duty in the factory.

Mr. Ashok Thapa of Duga Lakha, Pakyong was seriously injured and lost his two fingers of right hand when his hand was struck in a machine while working in the factory on 26th March. Mr. Thapa informed that when he was cleaning the machine the machine operator suddenly started the machine and due to which he lost his two finger of his right hand.

Mr. Thapa was working at Sun Pharma since a month under Mr. Chogyal Bhutia, a contractor. Mr. Bhutia when contacted regarding the incident informed that he will bear all expenses incurred and will also try to appoint the victim as a permanent employee in the company. Mr. Bhutia further informed that major operation will be conducted today in Manipal Hospital.

On the other hand since morning the agitated workers of Sun Pharma were stationed at the main gate of the company showing their discontent. “We want the injured worker to be fully compensated as he may have to lose his hand after treatment” one of the workers told the reporters. “There are series of demands which needs to be addressed by the company at the earliest” Mr.Taral Das Koirala, a worker spearheading the protest informed the media.

One of the main demands included is the non-deployment of female workers in night shift. “Our night shift gets over by 11pm and it is really difficult to get any kind of transportation in that odd hour, we have become a victim of eve teasing many a times” Ms. Maya Gurung, a female workers added.

The workers have also demanded the complete transparency in their EPF, availing of the transport facilities, strict action to those staffs who misbehave with the female workers and others. The workers have also demanded the abolishment of the contractors who takes the percentage from the salary of the workers. “We want the company to pay our salary not to the contractors who keeps the percentage of our hard earned money” Ms. Geeta Chettri asserted.

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