10 hurt in protest over IDPs land

More than 10 people were injured on Sunday during a demonstration over land meant for the resettlement of displaced persons.

The demonstration had been planned by members of the Maasai community as a standoff between them and the government over the 2,400-acre land escalated.

The community is claiming the land, which they say was taken from them by the colonialists.

Officers led by Nakuru police boss Johnston Ipara had tried to stop the demonstration at Tipis Trading Centre, which the community had planned to protest against a group of surveyors sent to subdivide the land.

A group of youths pelted the officers with stones, injuring two of them. The law enforcers then descended on the protesters with clubs, injuring several of them.

Running battles ensued as the police tried to disperse the crowd. Some 12 members of the community were arrested, including a US-based lecturer, Mr Metitamei Ololdapash, who was to address the gathering.

On Thursday, 25 youths were arrested after they stormed the farm and tried to stop surveyors from erecting beacons.


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