Tunisia: destruction wrought during Revolution cost businesses 400 MTD

“Vandalism, looting and arson, as well as sit-ins and stoppages staged during the Revolution, cost Tunisian businesses losses of some 400 million dinars (MTD)” said, on Thursday, Mr. Hammadi Ben Sedrine, Chairman of the Interim Executive Board of the Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA). Mr. Ben Sedrine, speaking at a news conference held at the headquarters of the Employers’ Organisation, called for “indemnifying, as soon as possible, businesses that suffered from these acts so that they could resume their activities.” UTICA’s Interim Board Chairman also said that any delay in the process of payment of these businesses would threaten “tens of thousands” of workers of unemployment.

Mr. Ben Sedrine also stressed the need to end sit-ins and strikes, pointing out that these “demonstrations” have pushed several investors to leave Tunisia and even dissuaded other foreign promoters from setting up in the country. The official also said the UTICA is to participate in the next collective bargaining round, warning that the “current situation is not propitious for wage increases.” Regarding the elections scheduled for the next months to renew UTICA structures, Mr. Ben Sedrine said they “are to be held in total openness, democracy and transparency.” “There won’t be any room for favoritism,” he insisted.


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