Students protesting against tuition hikes

MONTREAL — About 150 are students are protesting against the Quebec government’s plan to increase university tuition fees.

The Association pour un Solidarite Syndicale Etudiante (ASSE) began its protest in Old Montreal at the World Commerce Centre, where they occupied the Finance Minister’s office.

Several were wearing bandannas and scarves to conceal their identity.

There are reports that police used pepper spray to disperse the students, who then left for the Premier’s Montreal office.

In a news release Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, spokesman for the ASSE, said the Liberal government has declared war on students.

He also said that unless the government changes its mind, students will continue to protest, and may go on strike.

The 2011 budgets says the cost of tuition will go up $325 per year for the next five years, so that it five years it will cost roughly $3500 per year, plus other ancillary fees, to attend university.

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