Police baton charge ends lady health workers sit in at Obaro

OBARO, (SANA): At the location of Chowk Mari on National Highway, Karachi, police threw shells of tear-gas, opened fire, baton-charged to end the 22 hour long sit-in of Lady Health Workers. The women got seriously injured, while some were also left unconscious due to baton-charge. Police then arrested more than 60 women including Marvi Memon.

The sit-in protest of All Pakistan Lady Health Workers Association was staged for their rights. This protest lasted for almost 22 hours, which was eventually dispersed by Ghotki police.

Police opened fire and threw shells at hundreds of women protesters. The police also managed to open Sindh-Punjab highway for traffic which was blocked for traffic due to the ongoing protest.

Later on the angry protesters started throwing stones at the passing vehicles due to which many cars got damaged. Following this, police then started baton-charging the protestors. As a result of which numerous women protestors sustained serious injuries and got unconscious. Police also arrested more than 60 women including Marvi Memon.

According to the DPO Ghotki the FIR against Marvi Memon and other lady health workers was lodged but Marvi Memon was succeeded in fleeing the scene; meanwhile the police is searching for her arrest.

Meanwhile the leaders of the lady health workers talking to media persons said that in the result of the baton-charge three workers lost their pregnancies.

They also accused that the police is torturing the arrested lady health workers.


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