7 policemen killed in clash with protestors in Syria

DAMASCUS, March. 20 (Xinhua) — Seven people from the security forces were killed during a demonstration erupted in Darra, local Damascus Press news website reported.

They got killed trying to drive away protestors during demonstration in the town in which people demanded for reforms in Syria, the report said.

The website quoted a source as saying that dozens of protestors attacked the communication center and the national hospital, denying the use of live bullets against the demonstrators and that there are no casualties through the resolution of the demonstration.

Al-Jazeera news TV station reported Sunday, that the protestors also burned the headquarters of The Baath Party, and the court house in Darra.

Clashes erupted on Sunday between the Syrian police and protestors after two young men reportedly killed by the security forces in the town. A local eyewitness told Xinhua that the Syrian police have surrounded the town, to prevent people from entering it.

A committee was formed at the Interior Ministry to investigate recent incidents and take the necessary measures to punish anyone who is proven responsible for having committed abuse during the incidents in Darra.

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