Palestinians illegally detained in Egyptian prisons

Over 360 Palestinian prisoners remain imprisoned in Egyptian prisons, such as al-Este’naf, al-Tora and the notorious al-Aqrab. This has occurred despite a court order demanding their immediate release. They have been engaged in a hunger-strike for 17 days against the conditions that they face, and against their illegal detention.

IHRC urges all of its followers to highlight the plight of over 360 Palestinian prisoners in the Aqrab, Este’naf and Tora prisons in Egypt; who the Egyptian prison authorities are refusing to release despite being ordered to do so by the courts.

17 days ago, these prisoners began a hunger strike in protest against the conditions which they have faced, and their detention which is illegal under international law.

The majority of these prisoners have been arrested under dubious charges, and denied their rights of due-process. This violates both the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. According to reports emerging from Egypt, many prisoners have stated that they are willing to burn themselves alive as an act of desperation against the conditions they are being kept in.

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