Hundreds protest proposed powerlines

A controversial power project drew hundreds of protesters to the Alberta Legislature this afternoon.

Hundreds gathered to send a message about a proposed system of high voltage transmission lines known as the Heartland Transmission Project.

“We’re not a nimby organization, this isn’t just for this one power line or this one route…wherever you put it, put it underground,” said Bruce Johnson of Responsible Electricity Transmission for Albertans.

If the project goes ahead, it would be the largest of its kind in Alberta, stretching 65 kilometres, from south of our city to a substation northeast of the city. The lines are about twice the size of any other high-voltage powerlines anywhere in Alberta, but it’s not just the size of the towers that has people concerned.

“There’s so many studies that show really, really strong correlations, not cause and effect but pretty close between the electromagnetic fields that eminate from these high voltage lines and leukemia and alzheimers,” said John Kristensen of RETA.

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