Heavy security succeeds in quashing bedoon protests

KUWAIT: A heavy police presence in Taima helped to prevent any bedoon (stateless) demonstrators from gathering to protest for their rights on Friday, according to a security official. Speaking to Al-Qabas on condition of anonymity, the security official said that riot police sealed off several entrances to the area and maintained a large-scale presence after receiving reports that activists had called for a demonstration by bedoon people. The security operation helped to ensure that no protesters turned up the official said.

According to the tip-off received by police, activists had called for a demonstration following Friday prayers, similar to the harshly quashed protests there and in Sulaibiya in recent weeks at which bedoons called for basic human rights. As on previous occasions, police quickly swung into action, imposing a cordon around the area and massing in large numbers to ensure that any protest was similarly quashed.

Although a number of bedoon people gathered outside the main local mosque following prayers, the massive security presence was sufficient to ensure that any planned demonstration was quickly reconsidered. Similar heavy security measures were adopted in Sulaibiya, where worshippers emerging from the area’s main mosque were startled by the sight of a large-scale security presence monitoring them.


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