Prisoners threaten hunger strike

DUBAI // About 120 prisoners in Dubai Police Central Prison are threatening to go on hunger strike if inmates who have served their sentences or been acquitted are not released.

The prisoners are also complaining of ill treatment by prison staff, saying some inmates were being referred to the prison’s in-house medical centre when they were in need of outside treatment.

A source at the prison said some of the inmates had already started their hunger strike.

Yesterday, Major Gen Khamis al Mazeina, the deputy head of Dubai Police, dismissed the allegations.

“Having medical treatment is a human right that we cannot ignore. Our medical service is well equipped and we do refer those who need treatment we cannot provide to an outside hospital.”

He said that some prisoners, especially drug addicts, wanted to be treated in outside hospitals because then they could get friends to smuggle drugs to them, as had happened in the past.

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