Youths clash with riot police in Algiers

Several people were injured in Algiers Wednesday as youths pelted riot police with stones and petrol bombs in a protest against poor housing, witnesses said.

The youths, backed by some adults, were protesting against the dilapidated condition of their homes in the Diar El Mahcoul district.

A dozen of stone-throwers clashed with riot police equipped with truncheons, helmets and shields while 20 others posted on nearby rooftops hurled stones and petrol bombs on the security forces.

An AFP correspondent reported that one person was injured while witnesses quoted by the daily El Watan website said several were injured.

Earlier Wednesday, the demonstrators blocked traffic on a busy thoroughfare, prompting police to intervene.

The protesters were demanding a clear timetable for their resettlement out of a run-down housing complex that is home to nearly 1,500 families.

The housing crisis is particularly acute in Algeria where 500,000 families live in sub-standard homes, most of them in Algiers.

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