Union plans power sabotage over cash row

The country could be plunged into darkness from Monday due to a dispute between the Kenya Electrical Trades and Allied Workers Union (Ketawu) and KPLC management over allowances.

The workers have accused a manager of frustrating their efforts to get allowances when they work out of station.

Ketawu Secretary General Ernest Nadome said all the branch secretaries have been summoned to appear before the union headquarters in Nairobi today to plan the countrywide power sabotage.

” We met at the provincial labour office on Friday in Mombasa but KPLC failed to avail its representatives and the plan to plunge the country in darkness is on,” he said.

Mr Nyadome said the union accepted to meet with the KPLC to discuss the mater at the labour offices but the management failed to attend the meeting.

” After the collapse of the meeting with labour representatives at Customs office, the nationwide strike is till on for Monday,” he said.

The striking workers accused police of deploying anti-riot squad at their Mbaraki office.


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