Protest over inmate’s death; ‘investigations on’

DUBAI Police have initiated investigations into circumstances surrounding the death of a drug case convict identified as S, who died on Saturday early morning in Dubai Central Prison.

Deputy Commander General of the Dubai Police, Major General Khamis Mater Al Muzainah confirmed that the deceased prisoner had been suffering from hepatitis and his state had become critical some time ago.

He had been previously convicted in other drug cases, Al Muzainah said, adding that the prisoner’s end came while he was being transferred to the prison’s hospital.

Al Muzainah denied that there were suicide attempts by two other prisoners protesting the death of their colleague as reported by fellow prisoners in telephonic communication to Al Khaleej. He also denied the presence of any unrest in the jail, asserting that investigation into the death case is underway. The relevant bodies and concerned prosecutor were taken to the scene, where the forensic doctor checked the body, he added.

The doctor initially reported that no criminal hand is suspected in the death of the prisoner.

Al Khaleej had received a number of calls on Saturday from some prisoners in Dubai Central Prison reporting the death of a prisoner, who had died after the prison’s administration had refused to transfer him to a hospital, while he was suffering from severe pain. It had instead, decided to send him to the prison clinic, the prisoners added.

The prisoners had complained because the clinic lacked major medical equipment and supplies. They also reported that besides the suicide attempts, some prisoners had gone on a hunger strike because of what happened to their colleague. They accused prison officials of negligence in providing the prisoner with adequate medical aid in time.

After receiving the prisoners’ complaints by telephone, Al Khaleej immediately contacted the director of the General Department of Penal and Correctional Institutions of Dubai Police, Major General Mohamed Hameed Al Suwaidi, who also confirmed the death of the prisoner.

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