Temporary workers in Mosul protest over unpaid wages

Nineveh, March 10 (AKnews) – Hundreds of temporary state employees protested on Thursday on Ihtifalat Square in Mosul demanding their salaries which have been unpaid for more than 13 months.

The official in charge of temporary contracts in Nineveh province Ismail Ahmed told AKnews that more than 350 protesters wielding banners demanded payment for the work they carried out as part of their contracts that ended six months ago.

“The demonstrators condemned the false promises of local government officials about the renewal of their contracts,” Ahmed said, “and the promise to give them permanent contracts”.

More than 2,000 temporary employees, appointed in various government departments in Mosul demonstrated in front of the Nineveh Province HQ through 2010 demanding their salaries but they remain unpaid.

“The employees have the right to demand what is rightfully theirs,” he continued, pointing an accusatory finger at the Finance Ministry for overlooking the case when putting together the 2011 fiscal budget.


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