Cops deny beating up Mbukwane pupils

POLICE have been accused of beating up pupils of Mbukwane High School who took part in a riot last year.
It is alleged that the pupils are fetched from their homes, taken to the police station where they are interrogated about their role in the riots before being beaten up.
“The police were moving from home to home in search of those children they thought were ringleaders. My son was among those who were taken to the police station. I had to take my child to hospital after the beating,” said one parent.
Another parent said his child was not himself of late as a result of the assault by the police. Principal David Mlambo, however, said no parent had complained to the school about the alleged beatings.
“What I know is that the police came to look for certain pupils, some suspected to have vandalised the school property. What I also know is that three pupils whom police wanted to question in connection with the riots are no longer at this school.”
Police PRO Superintendent Wendy Hleta said there was never a time when police beat up pupils for engaging in a riot.

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