Naxal leader behind labour strike in January

SURAT: “This is to inform workers that no one will start machines without rise in pay of 20 to 25 paisa per metre, otherwise there is a danger. Even if the price is given, don’t start the work without ESI card because we cannot trust employers. It is for you well being,” says the Hindi pamphlet supposed to be distributed by naxals during the 15-day textile strike in January.

Police sources believe that instigation by the Naxals led to the prolonging of the strike. It later came to light that top Naxal leader Seema Hirani had visited Surat incognito during this period.

“The grammatical mistakes in the pamphlet indicate that it is written by a person who is not good at Hindi. Hence we believe that it is the work of someone from the southern states,” said a source in the police.

Another list in Oriya with telephone numbers of 10 labour leaders was circulated to leaders of small groups. The communication network developed by the labour leaders had shocked the investigation agencies at time of strike. The strike spread from rural areas to the city and to different areas of the city.

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