Labor unrest hits Oman

MUSCAT, Oman, March 9 (UPI) — Labor troubles hit three companies in Oman Wednesday as employees staged demonstrations for higher wages and better working conditions, observers said.

The government of the Persian Gulf nation owns a major stake in two of the three firms hit by strikes, Gulf News reported.

Some 200 employees at government-owned Petroleum Development Oman staged a two-hour demonstration outside their workplace in Muscat. They returned to their jobs after management agreed to meet with a representative of the group.

At Oman’s telecommunications company, Omantel, representatives of striking workers met with the country’s newly appointed minister of transport and communications.

A company statement said employees were demanding “some privileges and improvement of their employment conditions.”

A third strike was staged by Omani employees of the W. J. Towell Group who were demanding better wages and working conditions.

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