684 died during revolution, says Egypt rights group

CAIRO: Contradicting the official figures of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, an activist group has said 684 Egyptians died during the 18-day uprising which led to the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.

According to official figures, 385 were killed and 5,000 injured during clashes between police and demonstrators across Egypt since January 25. The Front to Defend Egyptian Protesters, however, claims the number is nearly twice that.

The Front, which is a coalition of human rights groups, announced during a press conference that at least 684 were killed during the clashes that broke out during the Egyptian Revolution.

The Front noted that at least 340 people were killed on Friday, January 28 and Saturday, January 29. On January 28 demonstrators turned out in record numbers and clashed with Central Security forces (riot police) in several governorates across Egypt.

That evening, security pulled out entirely in what was likely an orchestrated move to foment lawlessness and vandalism across the country.

The Front said 276 people died in Cairo, 115 in Alexandria, and the rest in various other governorates.

The Front said causes of death varied from bullet wounds from live ammunition and rubber bullets to suffocation by tear gas, beatings, and cars being driven into crowds of civilians. It added that most of the victims aged between 20 to 30 years.


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