Vicious Cuts Cause Near Riot In Nottingham Council Chamber

Nottingham City Council last night approved vicious financial cuts to public service budgets as protesters packed Nottingham Council House and hundreds more protested outside.

Police and security officers had to forcibly eject some protesters to avoid the protest turning into a full blown riot and to allow the council meeting to go ahead. The councillors announced £33 million of cuts.

The cuts will see public libraries closed, museum opening hours cut and many council employees losing their jobs or having their terms of employment changed. The council say that they need to make these cuts because of a cut in the council’s grant from government of 8.4%.

Around a dozen people were ejected from the meeting. They were part of a sit down protest organised by Notts Save Our Services. The demonstrators halted the meeting for over an hour as they called for the council to refuse to set a budget.

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