Thousands protest on 10 Egypt campuses

As college classes finally resumed Saturday in Egypt, students stage ongoing protests demanding the sacking of the university presidents and other administrators.

The students, who were joined by professors, say that the university presidents and administrators are affiliated to the party that ruled Egypt for 30+ years, the National Democratic Party (NDP) or were against the 25 January revolution.

The newly appointed minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Amr Salama told Ahram Online that “a Higher Council of Universities meeting will be held today [Tuesday] to discuss the problem with the university presidents in relation to the students’ demands.”

Cairo, Ain Shams, Assiut, Zaqaziq, Menoufiya, South of the Valley, Beni Soueif, Sohag, Port Said and Banha Universities resumed on Saturday, 5 March.–Egypt-campuses.aspx

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