Students launch stir in the Sultanate

MUSCAT: Some government colleges in the Sultanate witnessed “sit-in” protests yesterday by students, seeking implementation of their demands to improve their academic and living conditions.

In the Wilayat of Rustaq, nearly 200 students held a “sit-in” at 10am in the Applied Technology Science College which lasted for more than two hours. Their demands included the guarantee of employment after graduation and increasing the allowance for the students.

They also demanded activation of the students’ board and grant of a broadband Internet connection instead of the slow net facility.

The college officials met the students and promised them that their demands will be met.

In the Wilayat of Shinas, the Higher Technology College students staged a “sit-in” at the college to support their demands. The student refused to attend classes until their demands are met.


They demanded end to the TOEFL tests and increasing the allowance for the students. They also called for expansion of the college library and boosting the Internet facility.

In the Wilayat of Ibri, Applied Technology Science College students staged a protest demanding a mosque in the college and increment of allowance. The dean of the college will meet the students next week to discuss their demands.

In the Wilayat of Nizwa, more than 100 students at the University of Nizwa held a protest late in the afternoon. They were complaining of lack of books, other academic facilities and high fees.

Later, the students blocked the main Muscat-Nizwa highway causing traffic blockage. The police rushed to the spot but no clashes between the police and students were reported.

The students said they will continue holding protests until their demands are met. The protest followed the dismissal of 12 teachers belonging to Western countries without a notice from the Foundation English Language programme.

In another development, some students in the Higher Technology College and Applied Science College, Salalah held a protest demanding increment of allowance and improvment of the educational system in the colleges.

Some school students also staged a protest demanding free meals and removal of pricipals of their schools and reduction in their study hours.

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