Arab Strike in Israel

LOD, March 6, 2011 (WAFA) – Chairmen of parents and students committees in Arab schools Sunday announced general strike in the educational system due to the Israeli demolition of Arab residences last week in the Arab-Israeli Lod city, southeast of Tel Aviv.

Israeli police demolished last Wednesday seven caravans for Abu Eid family in Lod city.

Abu Eid family has been living in the temporary residences( the caravans) after Israeli authorities demolished their houses months ago.

According to local sources, Israeli police attacked the residents who attempted to stop the demolition, injuring some of them. Several arrests were reported.

Lod city is minutes away from Ben Gurion International Airport, which is Israel’s front to tourists. Life conditions of Israeli-Arabs in Lod city is deteriorated due to Israeli negligence and violations of human rights.

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