Sudanese youth groups escalate calls for popular uprising

March 4, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – A clutch of Sudanese youth groups have stepped up calls for a popular uprising against the government of president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, one month after similar anti-government protests were quelled by security authorities.

A group dubbed “Change Now” has circulated an e-mail urging men and women of Sudan to rise against the government. The group said it would participate in an anti-government protest planned for Tuesday, March 8.

Mainstream opposition parties, including the National Umma Party and Popular Congress Party also said they would stage a protest on March 8.

The wave of revolts currently sweeping over the Middle East inspired Sudanese youth to organize an online campaign and take to the streets on January 30.

But the enthusiastic youth failed to generate mass appeal and the protests were crushed by security authorities which arrested dozens of activists.

Another youth group calling itself “the Sudanese revolutionaries want to topple the regime” announced the start of a popular campaign to change the government of President Al-Bashir.

The group said that the youth of Sudan are launching a campaign to topple the dictatorship of the National Congress Party.

The group said that “the breeze of freedom has started to waft into Sudan from Egypt and Tunisia.”,38185

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