SPD stands ready to crack down on any future Anarchist protests

SEATTLE — Seattle police are saying “enough” and they are ready to crack down if there is another Anarchist protest this weekend.

A protest on Feb. 18 followed the prosecutor’s decision not to charge the officer who shot and killed woodcarver John T. Williams.

The protest turned violent. Cars were damaged; smoke bombs were lit.

Then this last weekend, another march. Police blame the same people: anarchists. This time, graffiti and blue paint were their weapons.

Police say enough.

“We believe this criminal behavior is being committed by self styled anarchists and we are not going to tolerate it,” said Sean Whitcomb with Seattle police.

An anonymous report the anarchists’ web site after last week’s protest says:” Our intention as anarchists is purely conflictional. We intend to create the space for agitation and attack.”

Police aren’t amused.

“People shouldn’t be subject to criminal acts by people who are going around on a rampage,” Whitcomb said.

The signs of last week’s havoc are still visible on Capitol Hill. We talked to a number of businesses who got spray painted or otherwise mutilated last weekend. You know what their normal reaction was? “It happens every weekend; it’s Broadway.”

“Naah. It’s part of Capitol Hill,” said Joshua Sciaccotti, the manager of Julia’s on Broadway.

He dismisses the anarchists and their cause.

“I do believe that’s probably a small percentage of people who are trying to take advantage of what’s going on and they just want to create anarchy,” Sciaccotti said.

Judy Frank says the rampagers do themselves and society little good:

“I think they aren’t worth the energy that they use, because they don’t accomplish anything,” Frank said.

Police say if the anarchists act up again what they’ll accomplish is being arrested.


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