Home Demolition in Lod Violates Promises, Mobilises Activists

Less than a month after the appointment of Meir Nitzan to the Lod Transitional Committee, and contrary to his promises to stop the demolitions in the city, a large number of armed Israeli forces demolished the foundations of temporary housing trailers being used by the 70 members of the Abu Eid family,whose homes were destroyed in Lod in December 2010.

Police forces acted with extreme force against members of the Abu Eid family: a 13 year old child’s hand was broken, two elderly women were injured and taken to the hospital, and six family members were arrested. Following the demolition, Palestinian and Jewish activists demonstrated in front of the Lod Municipality building, calling for Nitzan to stand true to his promises.

Residents erected a protest tent in front of the Municipality, and declared they would not leave the tent until the detainees are released and provided appropriate solution for their current living situation.

200 Lod residents and activists protested outside the municipality, while MK Afou Agbaria (Hadash) and MK Jamal Zahalka (National Democratic Assemly) met with Chairman Meir Nitzan, despite his promise to continue the demolitions.

Rami Younis, a resident of Lod, commented on the situation saying: “Throughout the winter the family was living in the rubble of their house without a roof. Nitzan promised to do something and he lied like everybody else.”

Isareli forces, including hundreds of police and riot forces, accompanied the Israel Land Authority on the morning of 2 March to destroy the temporary housing trailers that were built by the 70 members of the Abu Eid family, on Helen Keller Street in the city of Lod.


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